Vegan Hotels in Turkey

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As a person who travels a lot before the pandemic, I would definitely plan and make preparations from the day before where I would eat at the airport and how much food I would carry with me. I even wrote about it after my first experiences. As I experienced, I was able to produce easier solutions.

In recent years, he has received vegan / vegetarian consultancy and updated many restaurant and hotel menus in this sense. Some upon the demands and some by keeping up with the changing truths … Before vegan / vegetarian businesses became widespread, we were more drowned in doubts such as whether there was contamination, whether the equipment using animal products was used. Now we hear the names of vegan-friendly restaurants, vegan cafes and restaurants, and even larger vegan businesses. As a step of the transformation, 100% vegan hotels were opened.

Let’s look at the examples in Turkey!

The LifeCo Beach Vegan Hotel – Göltürkbükü

This is a detox and purification center suitable for those who want to have a nutrition program while on vacation or who want to improve their nutrition program. If you ask how we remember its name, it also has its own natural and gourmet food brands. They serve in Antalya under the name The LifeCo Akra and in Phuket as The LifeCo Phuket.

TheLifeCo facilities, a purification and detox hotel, also offer therapies and activities in mental health and awareness issues. In addition to one-on-one expert sessions, you can also attend professional yoga and meditation sessions.

Nutrition programs are pre-determined within the standard programs here. As a kitchen, you can serve a vegan natural breakfast in the morning and a vegan a la carte menu in the evening according to your choices in both hotels.

Vegan Lodge – Olimpos

The 100% vegan hotel designed and implemented by Emre Bey, who was a manager in the accommodation sector, is an ecological, nature-friendly facility that attaches importance to recycling. A tranquility hotel full of pomegranate trees that produces its own electricity and offers its guests completely natural products. It was also in their plan to use food waste as natural fertilizer in the garden. The first question that came to my mind was the cleaning materials used, whether the personal care products offered to the rooms were vegan. Yes of course it was.

In addition to the vegetable-based Mediterranean dishes, it also offers home-made vegan burgers and falafel options.

It is a very good option for those who want to spend a minimal but peaceful holiday in completely wooden rooms, accompanied by palm trees. The hotel, which also has a large yoga hall, does not accept pet friends of the guests here for the comfort of the paws living in the facility.

In May 2019, he announced that they stopped their services due to unexpected developments from his Instagram account. They seem to be out of service for now.

Ahara Vegan Yoga Hotel – Side

The first vegan hotel on the Mediterranean coastline was opened in November 2016. This place is designed like a complex village and has a private beach. During your stay, you are included in a wellness and yoga program.

Their kitchen includes freshly prepared vegan Turkish cuisine dishes plus smoothies and freshly squeezed juices.

I haven’t been able to get information on whether they are currently active, unfortunately, but they do not seem to be active.

Ece Hotel – Bodrum

Located 20 minutes from Bodrum center and 800 meters from the sea, the hotel is Bodrum’s first vegan / vegetarian hotel. They describe themselves as an animal-friendly vegan hotel. They wanted to realize a holistic life in all aspects with its sustainable and environmentally friendly structure.

The hotel has a vegetable-based cuisine. Their menu is made up of organic and seasonal products grown in the surrounding villages. They relax the hearts of vegan / vegetarian guests by avoiding animal and processed food in their fresh meals and breakfasts. This is not a 100% vegan hotel, but for those allergic to vegan or dairy products, they always keep cheese and dairy varieties without animal additives available.

Yes, there are few, but these are the options in Turkey for now. There are many options that vary from the city you go to on your overseas travels. Do not understand that this is a lot. The world is still “vegan / vegetarian friendly” in this sense. Of course, I wanted to end by recommending a site that I think you will use and benefit a lot, as we look at the food and vegan places to eat as if looking at places to visit while planning a trip: VeggieHotels

With this beautiful site where you can search for vegan / vegetarian hotels, you can choose more happily and comfortably. In hotel descriptions, information can be found in the rooms, from vegan care products to room furniture. On the “Special Offer and Veggietravel” pages, there are also information about seminars, cooking workshops, fasting cures, vegan short trips, holiday packages.

In a way that I cannot understand why, there are no hotels in Turkey that I have listed in the databases. Therefore, it is a useful site for your travels abroad. I would say, before planning your travels abroad, definitely check out the site.

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