3 Most Beautiful Villages in Bursa

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We came here with suggestions for alternative routes to Cumalıkızık and Gölyazı, and for those looking for a village getaway in Bursa, intertwined with nature. We escaped from the crowd of Cumalıkızık and took refuge in Gölyazı, but those beautiful stone houses are no longer a solution. For those who say where to spend a quiet weekend in Bursa, there are both pleasant and new weekend options where you can stay for a day or at a camp in this article.

Old Karaagac Village

Located on the shores of Lake Uluabat, the village is connected to Karacabey, approximately 45 km from Bursa, ie half an hour away. Recently, his name was heard with the Yaren documentary (2019), which has increased his recognition by various audiences. Eski Karaağaç is also the only representative of European Stork Villages in Turkey.

There is a tower and a nature museum where you can watch birds in the village. You will also have the opportunity to observe and photograph many different water birds in the bushes and reeds along the shore. There is a perfect photosafari opportunity here with waterfowl and boats on the beach.

Storks come every year like March and stay in their nests here until September, so between these dates the village gets a lot of visits, especially on weekends. It is a great pleasure to be able to observe the constantly flying storks in the relatively quiet districts of Bursa at that time. In Eski Karaağaç “International Old Elm Stork Festival” is held in June every year, note the calendars. There is a possibility to camp during the festival period, but it would be good to consider the density. For those who are going daily, we can recommend that they take a rest at the Old Karaağaç Village Women Environmental Protection and Development Association, as it is located on the quieter side of the village and of course contributes to the association.

Misi Village

Misi Village of Bursa’s Nilüfer District is actually a settlement of about 2000 years, and it is known that its first name was Mysia. The village, which is 12 kilometers from the center of Bursa and 8 minutes “close to” my family’s house, is under protection :). The village with houses with Ottoman architecture has been a site since 1989. According to the information on the site of the district governorship, the Mysi, one of the six tribes that passed from Thrace to Anatolia, were mentioned in the History books of Herodotus. The settlements between Kocaeli and Çanakkele also include this place. The origin of the word “Misi” comes from the fact that the Misyans settled here as a dormitory and that Misi was chosen as the missionary center.

The restored buildings were brought to the village as Silk House, Misi Women Culture and Solidarity Club, Ethnography House, Photography Museum and Misi Children’s Library. There are plenty of tea gardens by Nilüfer Stream passing through the village, but when we go, we definitely sit at Taşlı Bahçe Cafe. Although they do not have vegan options, they can be prepared on request.

For those who do not want to be content with a daily visit, there is the Misi Camping Caravan site as an accommodation area. The area is quite large, caravan and tent areas are separate. Tents are set up on a lawn, and there are plots specially arranged for caravans. In addition to the WC, shower and kitchen, there are also laundry and ironing facilities, waste disposal and cassette unloading units in the area. As in some camps, they have not forgotten the 10% discount for the members of the Camping Caravan Association.

Dagdibi Village

We met Dağdibi Village the day we went to Uludag Camping – the huts with glass ceilings. Yörük village, which is about 40 minutes away from the center of Bursa, offers wonderful visuals with its old texture spread into the forest. It is obvious that it takes its name from the fact that it is located on the slopes of Uludağ.

To go to Uludağ Camping, you proceed through the village, through the narrow streets. The village houses have preserved their texture very well and managed to stay intact with nature. If you follow the road that takes you to the camping area, it will bring you to a lush green plateau accompanied by quince trees, and this is the plateau of the village.

A very nice route close to Bursa for photo shoots, village houses, the plateau full of forest and fruit trees … Our recommendation would be to include this place in your plans twice. Both under the snow cover in winter and when spring comes and starts to turn green. Every time I come here, I always say, “The mountain is something else.” These mountains add a very different atmosphere to the surrounding settlements with their unique visuals.

Even if you are not going to stay, we recommend you to go to Uludağ Camping, meet the owners, see the glass-roofed huts, and smell the air of the camp. It can make you put your next plan forward.

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