Natural Springs in Turkey

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There is well-deserved happiness at the end of long nature walks. Sometimes these pools of happiness are the main reason for walking. Although it is not known as much as its examples in various countries, there are very pleasant examples in Turkey. We have compiled our loved ones from both hot and cold water pools.

Turgut Waterfall

Those who go to Turgut Village, located within the borders of Marmaris, actually go for two reasons. To see the structure that is the only pyramid of Turkey and to swim in the pleasant cold water pools created by Turgut Waterfall. This is one of the places where tourists staying in hotels in the center of Marmaris are taken by ATV safaris. For this reason, it will be more enjoyable to go early in the morning or in the evening.

There is not a single pool where you can have a pleasant walk. As you move along the waterfall, you will see a few pools that are deep enough for swimming. The pools are about one and a half meters deep and allow you to swim comfortably. As you can imagine, the water is ice cold, but of course you get used to it when you enter.

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Pamukkale Travertines and Cleopatra Pool (Antique Pool)

The Antique Pool is one of the most popular places in Pamukkale after the travertines. 2300 years of heritage from ancient Rome. The ambiance of this place is really impressive with its travertines, ancient cities of Hierapolis and Laodikeia. Archaeological ruins at the bottom of the pool make this place unique. It would be good to spend a day here to visit all ancient cities and relax in the pool and travertines.

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Even more beautiful, the water temperature of the haner ancient pool is 36 degrees, so you don’t have to wait for summer to visit.

Yuvarlakçay – Koycegiz

It may take some courage to swim in Yuvarlakçay, which is located within the borders of Köyceğiz. The temperature of the water is said to be -7 degrees. Almost all of the restaurants around have a swing that stretches out into the tea. You can enter the water from different places where the flow slows down on the tea without waiting for the turn to come.

Although the water looks extremely clear and still, there is a very strong current. You hardly find the strength to swim in the water from the cold, even if you move, it feels like a needle sinking. But I say don’t return without experiencing it.

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King’s Pool – Uçansu Waterfall

Located within the boundaries of Serik district, Uçansu Waterfall has become a place frequented by those who escape from the crowd of beaches. The King’s Pool is the most famous of the pools located on the waterfall. It is a wonderful experience to go on the green paths, enter the turquoise pool and enjoy the water against the view. The King’s Pool will become a place you will be excited to visit every time you come to Antalya.


Keramet Spring

The hot spring in Iznik is not well known, it is in the shadow of Iznik Lake. The depth of the pool is 1.5 – 2 meters in places, and the temperature of the water varies between 32 – 35 degrees in March. There is also a green area in the facility where you can set up a tent.

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It will be preferred more as the weather gets warmer, but it will be good to come between November and February to enjoy it fully. As we learned while there, he was in the process of moving to a new place. A new arrangement was made with the aim of serving more people, slightly above its current location.

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