How to Book the Cheapest Flight Tickets – Accommodation and Car Rental

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The biggest problem of travels, whether domestic or abroad; cheap airplane ticket. Although we generally prefer to travel with our personal vehicle, we save time by using the tactic of renting a car from the airport after the flight, at distances that we cannot afford.

Although there are different methods of finding cheap air tickets, the logic does not change much; early reservation. In fact, it is the only thing that does not change from room to car rental in any case. Here are the sites we did not pass without looking at our own method, which almost always gives the most appropriate and affordable results: Many GEO's

It is a well-known website where you can buy plane tickets and rent a car and hotel room. One of the first sites to bring the “Nomad” feature. When you choose the ticket type as “Nomad”, it draws you the cheapest flight route to your destination, by taking stops or directly to your destination. When you say regardless of time: an open-ended method like in the next 3 months. Apart from that, it shows the cheapest flight prices for a certain period (max 6 months) on a map similar to Google flights. If you are free about history, this method will be very useful for you.

Lastminute UK

It is a site where you can buy plane tickets, rent a car and hotel room, and arrange transfers, which are almost unknown to anyone. In addition to other sites, you can also access event tickets. You can follow last-minute cancellations or deals opened by companies at the last minute, cheap prices for spa and other experiences.

Didn’t we all tremble when withdrew from Turkey? 🙂 We have been questioning where to find a room, especially for domestic trips. But fortunately, he is still with us for accommodation, car rental and flight tickets for our overseas options.


Agoda WW

Apart from being a site where you can rent a car and hotel room, arrange a transfer, like other sites, Agoda is also a site where you can rent a temporary home like Airbnb. As a new feature, they have brought a special search field for monthly rentals. In this period, homeowners who rent their houses monthly in this way and offer more minimal living spaces have become quite common. This makes the most sense for long trips or large groups.

A site that only helps you rent a hostel room. We recommend it for those who are looking for a more suitable accommodation option before considering a hotel. There are many hostels around the world with the comfort of hotels or Airbnb. There’s no harm in trying.

Hostelworld WW


City.Travel Many GEOs

It is a site where you can buy a plane ticket that few people remember, and rent a hotel room. We cross-check the prices, especially on European flights. It should definitely be on your mind before your travels to Europe. WW, where you can search for hotels, flight tickets and train tickets exclusively to China, initially sounded very interesting as an idea. Be sure to click before your trip to China 🙂

China’s high-speed train system runs through more than 300 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. China has the largest high-speed rail network in the world, with a length of over 16,000 km (9940 mi), so actually train travel in China is a fast, easy, cheap and comfortable option.

You can pick up your China high-speed train tickets from any station in China or have them delivered to your address in certain cities in China.

In addition to being a site where you can rent a hotel room, is also a site like Airbnb where you can rent apartments or villas for a period of time or even hourly. Likewise, this is the most logical for large groups. With the most up-to-date prices and non-prepaid hotel reservations, you will not be charged any fees during your reservation. You make the payment when you go to the accommodation facility.


Trainline WW

Especially in Europe, there is no one who does not know how common the transportation is by train and it is preferred because of its environmentalist aspect. When you hesitate to rent a car in a country where you do not know the rules, it is best to travel by train. It is definitely the most affordable train and bus ticket sales site in Europe, I suggest you try it.


DiscoverCars WW

Our most frequently used car rental site. Every time we look to see if we can find a cheaper one, it gives the most affordable price. Since it compares all brands, you do not need to visit the websites of the brands one by one. I can sincerely recommend it as we use it safely and have never had any problems.

It offers various travel information about countries, as well as the direction of traffic and the average daily rental fees. It compares the monthly price changes of car rental prices in locations according to various periods of the year. Even if you do not rent, it will be very useful for general information and comparison.


It is a versatile site where you can follow cultural tours, cruise tours, international tours, restaurant, natural areas and hotel reservations. We benefit a lot from tour comments when planning a trip. For local transportation-related or up-to-date price information, we are constantly following the application before and during the trip. Among the sites that compare hotels, I think it is one of the most reliable.

We turn to Viator when we want to buy tours and experiences with the reliability of Tripadvisor. It feels reliable to us because it’s a Tripadvisor partnership and based on one-on-one reviews. We visit a lot for overseas tours.


Setur is a versatile site where you can follow cultural tours, cruises, international tours and hotel reservations in Turkey and all over the world. There are also plane and helicopter rental services for those who need special solutions 🙂 Of course, you cannot search with the “nomad” method when searching for plane tickets from sites like these, you can take advantage of one-way and round-trip options. If you only have one stop, keep it as a last-minute opportunity.

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